Happy 2017!

Well, just over a week into the New Year and things look like they’re going to go swimmingly well!

The year started on the perfect high note as one of our guests so creatively said “Perfect house, fantastic beach, no alarm clock, no shoes, family all together, perfect weather! Absolute 10!” That’s how the year started for me and for all our guests. Maybe everything apart from the “no shoes”… I think the guests might find my attire a little too laid-back if I rolled up for the check-ins without any shoes. After all, it does take a while to unwind, relax and start to thoroughly immerse yourself in vacation mode – me without shoes might be a bit too real…


I’m super excited about everything that 2017 has in store. For better or for worse, the US elections are behind us, the economy is stable in Mexico despite the high peso exchange to the US Dollar, the destination is stable and super safe and Mexico is currently a strong contender for vacation dollars from around the world.

With the success of our enterprise in Mexico – and because we are completely addicted to travelling and have visited so many beautiful destinations in other parts of the world that have left an infinite number of unforgettable memories – Lisa and I have made a very important resolution. We have decided to share more than Mexico with all our friends. We have decided to expand everybody’s frontiers and present you with “Our World” at our new website, TRIPWIX.COM.

Our long-term plan has always been to not only have a home in beautiful Punta Mita, but also to be in touch with our roots in Europe more often. In order to make this viable, Lisa and I thought hard over many bottles of great wine and came to the conclusion that if we could repeat the Punta Mita experience in other destinations – not only in Mexico, but also Europe – we could offer our friends and guests many more fabulous travelling destinations and opportunities and, of course, it would give us the perfect excuse to travel more often as well! So, last year we started to implement that process. Stay tuned over the next few months as I bring you updates on where we are at with our expansion adventure.

Along with Europe, we also started to expand along the Pacific coast. This came as a consequence of the number of guests who were asking if we could arrange houses for them both in Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita for split vacations and also many have asked about homes in Careyes, Mayakoba, Tulum or Mexico City. Little by little, we have decided to open up these markets and search for the best rental properties in all of these areas. I will be bringing you news of this over the coming months.

However, despite all the additional work our focus is firmly on Punta Mita and all the marvels it has to offer at this time of year.

Punta Mita Jogging / Walking Trail

As many of you know, despite my love for horses, I am also a keen jogger and I am happy to confine my exercise activities to within the gates of our beautiful development. As I whizz along at 12 kilometres an hour, I don’t always have time to take in the small details around me. I’m usually fully enveloped in my music and the general beauty of where we live whereas Lisa usually goes at a slower pace and takes the time to really enjoy the Punta Mita jogging path. We are both super grateful to the Master Developer, DINE, for this newly-expanded recreational option and I only hope 2017 brings us the opportunity to get out more often and enjoy it on a regular basis.


Another natural wonder that never fails to fill me with joy and amazement is the incredible spectacle of the whales that visit our fantastic bay at this time of year. A whale-watching tour is a great way to get up close to these incredible animals.

All in all, Punta Mita is just a fantastic place to live, visit and play. No doubt, it’s a must destination to be in the New Year.

With lots of promise for great and greater things to come over the next 12 months, my wish to all our readers is one of a year filled with good health, great prosperity, peace and the ability to vacation on a regular basis!

Cheers and a Happy 2017!

— Miguel C

Miguel Neves de Carvalho

Bon vivant, gastronome and all-around great guy – Miguel Neves de Carvalho brings you the best of what Punta Mita and the surrounding area have to offer. His passions include polo, horse riding, rugby, cigars and most recently … golf.

Miguel lives in Punta Mita with his youngest son, his fiancée, Lisa, and his two dogs “Tanqueray” and “Tonica”.

He started Punta Mita-Rentals in 2012.

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