Punta Mita Jogging / Walking Path


Commune with Nature Along the Punta Mita Jogging / Walking Trail

Growing up in England in the 1980’s, I used to take off for an evening jog after school, tightly swathed in plastic dry cleaning bags (this was a quick weight loss fad that appealed to my teenage vanity) underneath shimmering lycra leggings, fluffy ankle warmers and gleaming white high-top sneakers… well, not so gleaming white considering I was plunging into puddles in the dairy farming back roads of rural West Cumbria.

I guess history has a way of repeating itself, as I find myself now out for an evening jog. I no longer need the plastic dry cleaning bags – I live in the tropics! I live in the humidity of Punta Mita – which alone is enough to sweat out pounds of unwanted body fluids in a single jogging session!
One of the main differences, however, is that I no longer plod through puddles. I now jog briskly through the tropics, along the newly-widened walking path that follows the main artery through the Punta Mita development.

Guests and residents alike have the opportunity to take the beautiful new trail all the way from the tip of the Peninsular in La Punta Estates, to the St. Regis Hotel to the main glorieta out to the main Punta Mita entrance or from the glorieta to the Four Seasons Hotel and up past the Four Seasons Private Villas.

Natural delights abound along the way and that makes the time go more quickly. I’m more interested these days in a breath of fresh air and taking in all the natural beauty that Punta Mita has to offer in abundance.

lakeOn any given evening, tonicawhich is when I prefer to go out, I often happen upon whole families of Javelinas, or wild boar. From the teeny tiny babies to the great big fat papa, they never fail to fill me with delight. And, if I’m running with Tonica, our lovely Boxer, the poor little javelinas never fail to be filled with fear.

We have found families of playful Tejones, smelly skunks, lovely little foxes, lithe and beautiful in their red coats as well as all varieties of colourful birds and butterflies.

lake2Everybody appears to be enjoying the walking path and getting in plenty of exercise. It often appears that guests to the area are not familiar with the path as they jog, walk and ride on the road. The trail is so much more user-friendly, pretty, relaxing and less dangerous. It’s a special treat early in the morning or at sunset when the light filters through the leafy trees and a coolness descends on the path.jogging-path

The entire circuit is about 12kms – plenty of distance for the avid exercise enthusiast but offering lots of different shorter paths for the casual stroller/pretend jogger like me!

Whether jogging, walking, cycling or strolling, you’ll never cease to enjoy all the natural, local wonders. However, when Punta Mita is packed and the central road is bumper to bumper with golf carts – the main attraction appears to be Tonica as she trots along, tongue hanging out or rolling on the golf course. Tonica the Boxer Dog – the most exotic of Punta Mita creatures!

bookFor more information about all of our local fauna and flora, please swing by the office where we have copies of a great book which marvelously documents local wildlife – “Viva Natura – Field Guide to Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals” by Petr Myska.

Petr is a not only a fantastic photographer and a charming person – he is also a local nature guide and leads photographic safaris throughout the area, teaching photographic techniques as well as pointing out everything of interest.

This book is jam-packed full of fabulous colour photos, tips, and super easy-to-use information.

We are selling the book for 250 MXP – 100% of which goes to the Punta Mita Foundation. Our fearless concierge can also hook you up with Petr for private guided tours and photo workshops. You can reach them at info@puntamita-rentals.com!



Lisa Bruno
Lisa, Tank and Tonica

Lisa Bruno is a long-term Punta Mita resident. She is a frustrated golfer, party princess and proud owner of Tank and Tonica,

Lisa lives in Punta Mita with her fiancé and business partner, Miguel. She has been a partner in Punta de Mita Rentals since 2015.

Photography by Lisa Bruno.

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