Luxury Vacations with Kids in Punta de Mita, Mexico

Is there such a thing as luxury vacations when traveling with the youngest members of your family? For many of us, luxury vacations with kids is a contradiction. Understandably, you might well wonder whether it’s worth taking your kids on a 5-star getaway if they are not likely to remember the experience.

Here’s what we think about luxury vacations with kids …

“Are we nearly there yet?”


Benefits of Taking Your Children on a Luxury Vacation
Kids grow up quickly. Before you know it, they are in college! Vacations offer a great opportunity for otherwise busy, working parents to share unique experiences with their children and reflect on recent milestones. Vacation time means you will be away from your work commitments, cell-phones, grocery lists and the general routines of modern life. This means quality time to spend with your kids. Vacations offer a chance to bond, reinforcing an intimate connection with your children regardless of whether they remember the actual details of the trip.

New Experiences 
Traveling helps your kids to recognize the value of trying new experiences and foods, as well as developing skills such as patience, flexibility and open-mindedness. For many children, vacations can inspire a love for learning foreign languages. Even babies and toddlers benefit as they are exposed to a wide repertoire of sights, sounds, smells, faces and colors.

Kids just wanna have fun!


Why Bother with a Luxury Vacation?
Your kids are not likely to care about the thread count of the linen or if the interiors were decorated by a renowned interior designer, but they will certainly appreciate the other treats that come with luxury travel. Show me a child that is not excited by taking a shower outdoors, enjoying bath-time in a huge jetted tub, swinging in a hammock or diving into an infinity pool that is heated and has inflatable toys.

On the other hand, parents will welcome the fact that their villa is in a prime location within walking distance of the beach or kids’ club. They will be relieved they can hire a licensed babysitter for the night and that a chef is available to cook meals, including fussy-kid-friendly options.

Downtime, hammock-style, at Copacabana, Punta Mita, Mexico


Luxury Accommodation that is Right for You
Not all luxury accommodations are the best choice if you are traveling with your children. For example, staying in a home full of expensive antiques will probably have you on tenterhooks the whole time. Our luxury travel specialists at Punta de Mita Rentals can help you choose the perfect place for you and your children in Banderas Bay. For example, a free Wi-Fi connection is important when you have older children. Is there a games room with board games, ping-pong etc.? Is there a home movie theater, lots of toys, books, inflatables for the pool etc.

Swimming pool at Cobacabana, Punta Mita, Mexico.
Swimming pool at Cobacabana, Punta Mita, Mexico.


How Punta de Mita Rentals Makes Luxury Vacations with Kids Easier
Punta de Mita Rentals selects which homes in Punta de Mita to promote based on several factors. Our curators make careful notes about how kid-friendly a property is when they inspect. Cribs and high-chairs are available in any home recommended for families, either included as an extra benefit or for rent. Even in homes that aren’t necessarily “kid-friendly”, Punta de Mita Rentals can organize the hire of high-quality local equipment such as cribs, car seats and buggies etc. Saving you on luggage fees. Also, when you reserve airport transportation or chauffeur services through Punta de Mita Rentals, we can arrange car seats and booster seats.

Likewise, our local host can help you organize nanny services or babysitters as well as recommend a host of kid-friendly activities in Punta de Mita.

Punta Mita Golf Course
Punta Mita Golf Course – never too young to perfect your swing!


Tips for Getting There and Back 
Arriving at your luxury destination without a tantrum or meltdown (both kids and parents can fall into this category) is often a sticking point. How do you survive long flights?

  • Plenty of water before, during and after flights.
  • Put a couple of drops of lavender oil on their wrists.
  • Bach Rescue Remedy for Kids before and during travel (double check with your doctor first).
  • Get some ride-on luggage. These wheelie carry-ons allow kids to scoot around on top of them when bored at the airport. You can also pull them if they claim to be too tired to walk.
  • Prepare a constant stream of healthy snacks that last and keep them quiet.
  • Bring a range of small activities and games, wrapping them as gifts for good behavior.
  • Download games and DVDS on tablets before the flight and make sure they are charged (invest in a portable charger to be on the safe side).
  • Comfortable clothing, a pillow, earplugs and a face mask to help them sleep.

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Kids grow up fast, and vacations offer a great opportunity for otherwise busy, working parents to share unique experiences with their children and reflect on recent milestones. Here are our top choices for local activities that children are sure to enjoy.


Deborah Buley
Deborah Buley

Originally from the UK and an avid globetrotter, Deborah has lived in Mexico for nearly 10 years, having honed a successful writing career that specializes in sassy travel, upscale interior design, classy hotels and high-end real estate. Among other projects, she collaborated with a renowned Mexican architect to pen a glossy book about the interior design and architecture of a local villa as well as produced a variety of promotional materials for luxury hotels and elite residences in Mexico.

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