November – Month of Gratitude

Dear friends,

November heralds the beginning of the winter season. We have been busy booking homes for the American Thanksgiving holidays, organizing great suppliers of organic, free-range turkeys and having our chefs test pecan pie recipes. Turkeys are available throughout the year here and often eaten with delicious rich mole sauces.

What to Tip in Mexico We are suggesting some tropical twists to ours by adding some mango or a little guayaba and sweet orange/lime sauces to our traditional dressings. If all this sounds like it’s moving too far from the forefathers’ customs, why not just start your Thanksgiving meal with a refreshing local cocktail and then stay with the tried and tested turkey dinner.

As you know, I am from Portugal and the Thanksgiving celebration is not one that appears on our national calendar. However, we are quite patriotic where I come from and there are many natural and architectural delights throughout the country. This makes a daily gratitude for all that surrounds us easy.

Guests often ask me what is the appropriate way to show the appreciation they have for our local service people. So, with this in mind, November seemed to be the perfect month to give some tipping tidbits.

Thanksgiving will be a busy time for Punta Mita Rentals and Festive even more so. Still, we do have a few spectacular properties available for Christmas and others a little outside the immediate area for New Year. So, if you haven’t given any thought to getting away and the short days and long nights are already drawing in on you, pick up the phone and give us a call at 1(800) 614 1648! Just think… a nice, vitamin-packed Puntatini on one of our glorious beaches with your family and friends. What could be a better Christmas present or a more fortuitous way to start the new year than a wonderful vacation in the sun?

Boca Deli Restaurant in Punta de MitaThe other advice that I am offering to all is to make your reservations for all your activities, chefs, restaurants, boats, golf carts etc as soon as possible. Our Concierge guide (  is on hand to help guests and owners alike with any special arrangements.

And whilst I’m on the subject of restaurants…(Yes! You knew it, I would get to food as quickly as I could) I am very excited to try out the new menu from our office favourite, Boca Deli. I hope to see you there very soon.

I’d like to offer a personal thank you this month to all our loyal guests, friends and neighbours who support our business and to all the members of my great team who encourage these monthly ramblings.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

— Miguel C

Miguel Neves de Carvalho

Bon vivant, gastronome and all-around great guy – Miguel Neves de Carvalho brings you the best of what Punta Mita and the surrounding area have to offer. His passions include polo, horse riding, rugby, cigars and most recently … golf.

Miguel lives in Punta Mita with his youngest son, his fiancée, Lisa, and his two dogs “Tanqueray” and “Tonica”.

He started Punta Mita-Rentals in 2012.

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