Covid 19 Safety – Keeping you Safe on Vacation

As Covid 19 variants add to the continued uncertainty as to when things will return to some kind of normalcy, we would like to assure our guests with reservations, as well as those considering to book in the future, that our local teams are taking all the necessary and recommended measures to ensure your safety in all our destinations, from Punta Mita to Los Cabos to Puerto Vallarta and beyond. We are taking this situation very seriously. Your well-being is our priority.

What are we doing to protect you from Covid 19 transmission?

We have implemented a variety of measures since the start of the pandemic to protect guests as well as staff members.

  • Masks – All staff are required to use a face mask at all times, whether that be the in-villa staff or our local ambassador teams on the ground providing concierge services.
  • Anti-bacterial gel – Staff members are required to clean their hands regularly with anti-bacterial gel and wash the soles of their feet upon entrance to any space.
  • Temperature testing – Staff and guests have their temperature checked upon entering any space.
  • Vaccination – Mexico is making good progress with its vaccination program. All Punta de Mita Rentals employees have been vaccinated.
  • Regular testing – As it has not been proven that vaccination eliminates the transmission of Covid 19, we are still carrying out regular testing of staff.
  • Deep cleaning – Besides maintaining high standards of daily housekeeping, which has always been the norm, professional cleaning teams fully trained and equipped to disinfect homes and offices to remove any trace of the Covid 19 virus is now standard practice to clean homes between rentals
  • Extra time between rentals – To allow for additional cleaning protocols and caution, the time between the check out of one reservation and the check-in of the next has been extended.

Remember, private homes provide greater protection

As you might expect, private homes naturally provide greater protection from the spread of viruses, particularly when compared with even the most luxurious hotels where you encounter larger numbers of people.

Likewise, you can rest assured that the professional staff in all the homes we offer are following professional standards for hygiene. Extra care is being taken at this time to disinfect surfaces regularly to keep the transmission of any germs to an absolute minimum.

Best Health Care Services

In the highly unlikely situation that you fall ill during your stay from any type of sickness, our local ambassadors are on hand to guide you to the best health care services.


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